Kindness Conversations: Crystal’s Story

Crystal is a teacher librarian as well as a blogger over at Reading Through Life where she promotes literacy and diversity in children’s books.

Who or what inspires you to be kind? Who do you know personally who embodies kindness?
There is a pre-k teacher at my school, Janie, who is kind with everyone no matter how she feels that day. She is so attentive to the needs of those around her. She also shows everyone respect at all times. I think her students and everyone around her always feel loved.

Another inspiration is the book Wonder. I really appreciated the Choose Kind initiative.

How do you practice kindness in your life? What do you feel we need to do to accomplish a better, kinder world?
I don’t actually feel that I practice enough kindness in my life. I think when I am stressed or upset, I am not attentive enough to others. That’s when I am less likely to be kind. That’s when I have to focus or else I will miss my opportunities to be kind.

One of the ways that I am working toward a kinder world is to provide inclusive literature in my school library and on the blogs I write for. When people know more about each other and see each other as human rather than something other, they are more likely to be kind and respectful instead of hateful.

Which charities and organizations do you support and why? Which social issues are close to your heart?
Diversity/inclusion in children’s and young adult literature is an issue that is very important to me. I support We Need Diverse Books and blog at Rich in Color.

Share a story in which you’ve experienced or witnessed an act of kindness that has left an impression on you.
Recently, another pre-k teacher at our school, Sarah, got us moving. There was a food drive happening in our school district and a local store was giving away free fixings and side dishes with the purchase of a turkey. The turkeys didn’t cost that much either. Sarah sent out an email noting that our hearts were big and our school could do amazing things if we got up and got busy. Within 12 hours she had collected money and run to the store. Our school provided more turkeys than any other school in the district. We ended up with extras to through in the freezer for Christmas. There were many people who showed up to help deliver the food to families too. Without Sarah feeling compassion and issuing a direct challenge though, there would have been half as much food available.


What’s your Kindness Story? Join in on the conversation!


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