Updates on Kindness Conversations

I’m not going to lie. I feel overwhelmed with the scope of what I want Kindness Conversations to be that it’s actually stopped me from working on it at all.


What did I want from Kindness Conversations? For my One Little Word of 2016, I chose Kindness. I wanted to share stories of people doing good and provide resources for those interested in doing good. (I actually just added that tagline today.) This requires a lot of reaching out to people to actually get them to share their stories. And it requires some reflection on their part to answer the questions I want to ask.


That’s a lot of work and time commitment that I haven’t been ready to give. At the same time, I do want to keep Kindness Conversations going. So, I’ve been trying to apply a lesson to this aspect of my life: Keep things simple.

And it’s actually helped me focus. This blog doesn’t have to be everything to everyone all at once- or ever. It can serve as an open journal with occasional voices of family and friends thrown in. Plus, I like the more personal tones than having things sound too formal or serious.

But I did do some recent updates to Kindness Conversations:

  1. I changed the color layout to make it seem brighter.
  2. I added the tagline: Sharing stories of people doing good. Providing resources for people who want to do good.
  3. I started the Resources page of organizations mentioned in previous posts.

I hope it makes a difference to readers of this site.

Thank you for visiting. And, of course, I invite you to join in on Kindness Conversations.


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