Register to Vote!

I can’t stress enough the importance of exercising your right to vote during this election year.

Registering is easy. It seems everywhere you go online, there’s some helpful tool to help you with the process.

Your vote will decide what kind of world you’ll be living in and its impact will echo through generations.

I like to think of America as an already great country that has accomplished so many things in its still considerably short history. It is a country that has worked- and continues to work- hard to fight injustice. All the accomplishments were done by working together because united we are stronger together. All the challenges we face we must solve together. This election can easily wipe out so many long deserved rights and aggravate the issues America is suffering through. Disillusionment with a faulty system has caused fear, hopelessness, and outrage. It has become difficult to be kind and to think of the well-being of others when we feel there is no one looking out for us. But now is not the time to build walls around ourselves. We must break down barriers to see and welcome all the possibilities there is for us to enjoy.

I’ve heard people say they won’t vote because it’s a choice between two evils. Some say they’ll vote for a third party (which is a legitimate choice) but don’t do it to make some sort of statement.

I also want to encourage everyone to not only be active or interested about political issues during election years. If you want to make a difference, do something every day to make it happen. Be passionate about your cause.

Deadlines are approaching so if you want your voice heard, register to vote now!

Go to I Will Vote’s website to register to vote, check your status, or update your information.

And, on Tuesday, November 8th, vote!


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