It looks like we have way more work to do to make sure America is great again.

It’s not just mere sadness that our candidate lost the election that we mourn but just like that our country felt taken away from us. This is a man whose campaign was full of hate and attacked every other people who weren’t like him so wouldn’t you be afraid of the America he proposes? Like me, others are already feeling displaced but, like me, others are rededicating themselves to make sure this is still a place for all of us.

I just hope this motivates people into real action and not just social media outrage. We need a change. We need to value ourselves and goodness and kindness and family and friends and love and life. Let’s help each other come up with solutions and answers and actions to make change happen.

We have to continue to strive to be greater than we were before.

We have to continue to be as kind and as inclusive as we would want others to be to us. We need to work on the foundation that we are more alike than we are different from one another.

We have to educate ourselves to the dangers of letting hatred and fear fester inside ourselves.

We have to be vigilant that the hard fought rights that were given us as equals are not taken away.

We have to keep each other- and this planet- safe.

We have to channel our anger and frustration into positive, peaceful and productive actions. Hate and negativity will never be solved by more hate and negativity.

We cannot expect others to change if we do not ourselves change. Some broad action steps I can take now:

I will educate myself and be a participant in our political system.

I will be watching to make sure our elected officials do what’s best for the people and not just for themselves and for their party.

I will create safe places for people who feel in danger just by simply being who they are.

I will seek out allies and help them.

Do not lose hope or faith even when things seem bleak because there is good and there is kindness and there is love. I know it’s a struggle against overwhelming odds especially when we still have to make our day to day living. But “fighting for what’s right is worth it.”

Let’s do our parts as citizens of this country to make sure America does become great again because it is ours for all its good and bad.

Create, not destroy. Be good and kind. Love one another.


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